Chronicles of a Media Center Renovation: Part II

After a month of working 10.5-11.5-hour days, the media center was packed and ready to be stored for six months. Whew!

I’ll be setting up my mini library in a classroom for the first semester probably starting next week.  Every book truck, A/V cart, iPad and laptop cart I’ve got is sitting in a classroom crammed with boxes of files, filing cabinets, and several hundred books just waiting to be organized for the upcoming school year.  I’m not sure how this will work, but minimal library access is better than none.  There was no way I was going to shut down the library for an entire semester. I just couldn’t do it. All those freshmen beginning their high school career with no library – what kind of message would that send? Besides, I had way too many teachers and students requesting specific materials to be kept available.  Circulation may decline because of the small space, but I’ve got a plan – I’ll go from classroom to classroom if I have to delivering books.

According to the building plans, my office and the other two study rooms will be demolished; the AV room will be converted into two faculty bathrooms, the front window will become the new entrance, and other windows and walls will be knocked out to make way for the new media lab.


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