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Before there were computers . . .

Famous authors' typewriters

It’s hard to imagine for those who have never seen a typewriter before (a phrase that is hard to imagine for those of us who learned to type on one of these suckers), but this little machine revolutionized writing in its heyday. They required no batteries, no power cords, and {gasp!} no wifi.

I was discussing the use of a typewriter with a teacher just the other day as shocked 11th graders listened, mouths agape. We fondly talked of typewriter ribbons, correction tape, and carriage returns. We reminisced about crooked lines, flying carriages when we returned a bit too hard, and those dreaded scraped knuckles when our fingers slipped between the keys.


As a novice librarian, I cannot imagine typing three bib cards for the card catalog, the book pocket and pocket cards, and spine labels for new acquisitions on one of these little guys.

Although I sometimes wallow in the nostalgia of composing on a manual typewriter, I am grateful for my Macbook and its endless wonders.


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