Book Review: We Don’t Need Roads: The Making of the Back to the Future Trilogy

I was fifteen when I saw Back to the Future in the theater for the first time, and I’ve watched the trilogy almost as many times as I’ve seen The Princess Bride. Naturally, I was drawn to this book and requested a copy from NetGalley.

The best parts about the book are the cover and the Introduction. It goes pretty much downhill for me from there. Maybe I just had grand expectations. Or maybe I was too eager to find out cool behind-the-scenes info/trivia that would make me love these movies even more (as if that were possible). 

But, no such luck.

Instead, the information revealed was dry, haphazardly written, and frankly, quite depressing. The first chapter, “Think, McFly, Think” is supposed to be about Michael J. Fox stepping into the role of Marty McFly (I think), but it digresses into a list of films that the directors of BTTF had previously worked on, but wait! Here’s a blurb about Steven Spielberg. Now, back to the boring list of films and people they knew and how they felt about their other films and all the negative crap that happened. Who cares?!  

And that’s just the first chapter.

Every chapter has a catchy title and a date, both of which are almost irrelevant to the stuff that’s actually in the chapter. Why use a specific date when the content is all over the place? 

2. Erased From Existence

Thursday, January 3, 1985

Back in mid-August, when Meredith Baxter was put on bed rest as her due date neared, Family Ties went on a brief hiatus . . .

Maybe other readers actually enjoy reading about all the negative crap that went into the films, but bashing Crispin Glover, mentioning the rest of the actors’ negative reactions to the George and Jennifer replacements, and the ‘film is falling apart’ scenarios left a sour taste in my mouth and tainted my view of the movies. 

I expected a more light-hearted, uplifting history full of hilarious antics, how they actually captured famous scenes, dog trivia, and inside jokes. 


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